JPY crosses/USD/JPY

JPY weekly preview

  • Big week ahead with the general election next weekend:
  • USD/JPY stuck in a range between 81.70/82.80; break below could signify a topping formation whereas bullish break would suggest that we were in consolidation phase:
  • Speculative market is likely quite short of Yen heading into the election so we should see some volatility:
  • EUR/JPY starting to look tired and we may see a test of break-up level at 104.80:
  • Host of data later today and markets reaction will give valuable insight into comfort levels and positioning.
  1. I am glad to welcome, Sean!
    USD/JPY I will sell from 83.39, 84.03.
    As for EUR/JPY vapors, the area 111.89 attractive to sales seems. I also bought this couple, I will try to hold it to the top purpose, I will sell there. If movement down is continued, the area 105.48 I consider as initial support.
    Successes to you Sean.

  2. Good morning Sean,

    I hope you had a great weekend. This new week will be interesting for EUR/USD. The last friday, i have read some news about ECB rate cut discussions (18 ECB menbers wanted rate cut), I am really surprise ? I will be cautious with my bullish view in EUR/USD.

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