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JPY session outlook: Looking to AUD/JPY for leads

  • Market is not expecting any major developments from BOJ minutes.
  • Big Japanese players were noted buyers of AUD/JPY when it broke above 92.50 yesterday afternoon.
  • USD/JPY orders are reportedly heavy either side of 100.00/101.50 range, suggesting some extended range trading.
  • EUR/JPY had false break above 130.20 and the picture is very muddled here.
  1. My only trades this week has been short E/J and G/J….closed out way too early again, only caught half the move yesterday. Overall still a mixed picture so playing lightly.

  2. I only picked up 1/2% on that last trade…very uninspired by the market lately…I think I need to take a break now because if I continue to force it and look for opportunities where none exists, very bad things happen…hahaha

  3. Hi, Sean, how about buy dips of CHFJPY near 103 look for 106.5? Perhaps this pair would be less impacted by the FOMC Minutes? Thank you!

  4. For sure it won’t be much impacted but I haven’t been following it so cant really comment on this pair. You know its ok to have no position Yue 🙂

  5. Alright, I’ll wait for better opportunity and still run the long AUDUSD trade. It seems no rallies to sell and no interesting dips to buy in most major pairs……Thank you!

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