JPY crosses/USD/JPY

JPY crosses ease back toward opening levels

It’s been pretty quiet in Asia, after a fairly hectic round of Yen selling in late NY trade. EUR/JPY and GBP/JPY are now back at their NY closing levels of 120.80 and 142.65 respectively. Comments from the Japanese FinMin extolling the virtues of free-floating currencies have helped the Yen regain some losses. I guess his interpretation of free-floating and mine are somewhat different 🙂


  1. Good evening Sean,

    For this o/v, I have been stopped out on AUD/JPY at 94.45. However, I have just rode your comment on GBP/JPY and I like this trade, I have jumped in at 142.67 with one unit.

  2. No matter my friend, keep at it and the golden egg will surely appear soonest 🙂 Wait and see what happens at 9070 in USD/JPY, if that stays capped then maybe you can try selling more GBP/JPY? Sterling always moves most when no-one expects it. Could be 155 on Monday, who knows, and if USD/JPY stalls ahead of w/e then the cross will get spanked? Or you get stopped out for small loss 🙁

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