GBP crosses

It’s never too late to sell Sterling

Or so the old adage goes! EUR/GBP has broken up again and cable looks like it will close below 1.5800. If EUR/USD stays in its range, capped below 1.3400 and if the cross stays bullish, then cable could be in for some more heavy losses.

I’m not going to chase this one lower but if I had to have a position, I’d be short.

  1. My cable short has hit my target this afternoon for 90 pips. London session was dull, but NY traders know the biz of stop hunting. 🙂

  2. Only one expression comes to mind Jason, total bollocks. How many other wild guess ‘exclusives’ will there be until they finally hit lucky and get one right; then they claim ‘special knowledge’. Ignore all this sort of rubbish and concentrate on trading is my best advice (and sorry for being so direct)

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