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It’s hip to be square

I think this is a very good time to have no positions in the FX market. These risk events like the current debt-deal showdown can evolve into all sorts of mayhem so it’s much better in my risk-averse view, to stay out of the market.

I stopped out of my EUR/JPY position overnight, taking an 85 pip loss, and have no interest in getting involved again until the dust rises and settles again.

RBA meeting minutes are main item on economic calendar.

  1. GoodMorn.. to u Sean!
    Please can u tell me if u/j 1h chart is showing a double top ..and what does it mean? 🙂

    Hope u were able to get out at the 132.90 level in ur E/J…
    Have a great day!

  2. Morning Sean, i think your right, actually i know your right, I should close all my trades! Especially since their usd/jpy nd we all know this puppy easily moves 100pips on regular news, imagine a resolution, or a default, dont eant to even think about the havoc my account can suffer if im on the wrong side! Never was really into gambling anyways! The US apparently has pushed the meets til tomorrow, and that really means we’ll leave a decision till the last minute, as everyone is trying to get a resolution in their parties favor. But Sean I wanted to ask ou two things, can we rally to 99 today? Yes we are close, but with todays 3 pm meeting being moved to tuesday, and the being so close to the deadline, will asia and europe not feel worried? And if there is a default will we drop 2% maybein a few days or hours?

  3. hi there,dont you think 133.83 is powerful enough to form a top ? i think the daily close for the current day will be bearish,just in my opinion,they are in good area to retrace,at least for d1,cj/ej/uj/aj. anyway i ruined with these trades.my sell trade is from 132.14 and there are 4 more trades on jpy pairs.

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