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Interim profit booked in EUR/CHF

As I mentioned yesterday, I left a ‘floater’ at 1.2485 and it got filled overnight, taking 80% of profit on a 400 pip move. Very nice way to finish the week after a few lean months.

There is talk of ‘massive’ optionality at 1.2500 which will certainly include large barriers so I’m happy to book profits and see what happens. I remain very bearish on the CHF but I have a feeling that the next ‘leg’ might be driven by USD/CHF, so I’m in a buy-dip mode there.

  1. Awesome trade Sean, especially when considering that you called for this move a month ago. 🙂 Wish I had that patience in trading.
    I closed my E/C long from yesterday too, nice move in the pair. However, EUR/JPY is definitely the craziest one, kudos to anyone who was with the move up.

    Happy trading

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