EUR crosses/Flows and Orders/JPY crosses

Interbank and Prime Broker positioning update: Cable set for some profit-taking?

  • EUR shorts at lowest levels in 1 year.
  • USD shorts increased to near record levels (only 5% of time is market running shorts of this size).
  • GBP longs also reaching record levels.
  • JPY positioning flipped from long to short in last 2 weeks as market piles into crosses like EUR/JPY and GBP/JPY.
(Information sourced from 4 large banks and Prime Brokers).
  1. I haven’t heard anythg and I find it very unlikely, its not how they operate. Firstly they are usually not active at this time and secondly they seldom are selling into small rallies or buying small dips. Not saying impossible but I’d be v surprised

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