Indecision returns to the AUD

Plenty of opposing views surfacing this morning on the AUD with ANZ suggesting that we get a squeeze to .9450, whilst JP Morgan is suggesting that the move to .88/.89 is still intact.

Our interbank expert FXWW303 is suggesting that AUD/JPY should be toppy at 92.25, contrasting of course with Yours Truly who thinks that AUD/JPY is basing.

Usually indecision means range trading, when everyone gets stopped out!

  1. At least one uncertainty will be cleared up at 2:30pm

    I am leaning towards the short squeeze view as there also seems to be an interim top building in the EURAUD

  2. I can relate it does appear to be toppy around 92.25 to 92.50 which i believe we see some nice sell pressure come in. I would look to take a small position starting there then load up more around 92.50 stop would be tight around 92.80 because i fathom stop should be pretty sizable on a break of 92.50

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