AUD,NZD/EUR crosses/EUR/USD/Flows and Orders

Important levels to watch today

  • Cable should find strong support near previous highs at 1.5410 (chart in members).
  • EUR/GBP support at .8410 will attract buyers but also stops below?
  • EUR/USD Sovereign buyers expected 1.2950/70.
  • AUD/USD Sovereign demand 1.0220 and technical resistance at 1.0360.
  • USD/JPY barrier protection at 100.00.
  1. It might affect their statement somewhat? its a 2-day meeting so policy decisions have already been made imho but it might lead them to some slight wording changes?

  2. By the way, I am surprised by non confirmation of recent Nikkei highs by USD/JPY. This is first time in a while when yen failed to follow nikkei breakout. I think equities are expecting nice GDP number in US, and if it willbe delivered wecan have some bull fest. My view: if such scenario unfolds and we do not see break of 100, then long JPY would an interesting trade…

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