Flows and Orders/FXWW News/Trade Ideas

I can’t see any obvious trades at current levels

  • AUD/USD: Looking to play .9325/.9560 range and as we are near the middle, best left alone for now.
  • AUD/JPY: Strong support at 90.00 so buying any dips with tight stop makes good risk-reward sense but the down-trend is very strong so care certainly warranted there.
  • USD/CHF: Cost me 40 pips yesterday so I’ll leave it alone.
  • USD/JPY: I’d prefer to be short but not at 96.00, could go 200 pips either way so I will wait for some opportunities.
  • EUR/USD: Fuhget about it 🙂
  • Cable: Heading higher but I’m not buying at these levels.

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