Flows and Orders/FXWW News/JPY crosses

Headline driven market, with Toshins in background

There are a number of new Japanese investment fund issues (Toshins) which have led to quite solid demand for the USD, MXN and TRY against the Yen in the past 24 hours. Then of course we have the various headlines regarding the US debt deal which are hitting the newswires every couple of hours. No deal, deal, no deal etc etc. Hopefully the US politicians go to sleep soon.

I’m still short EUR/JPY and hoping for a dip or some inspiration.

  1. Ya bastards will popup after every 30 mins. to be frank I think they will leave it till the last day. nothing will come till then. obama isn’t negotiating on obama care. lol

  2. Hey sean, i could not post charts here, but finally somebody posted a usd/jpy triangle that i have been using, heres the link, http://www.fxstreet.com/analysis/pippin-aint-easy/2013/10/11/ , ok i have my highs and lows are a little off but its just a few pips here and there, this setup has worked great for me, thats why after 96.6 when we went to 96.9 and down 20 pips but did not breach this point i said i was going to go long, and it worked ( once again) im sure with all the talking going on we will get to 99 soon, but as the deadline approaches, we are bound to start the regress again, Mr.Obama wont accept a temp. Bill from them, and they wont just pass the current bill without concessions, i think ( hopefully) this will go into the weekend, and then after that Obama might just agree to a temp. Extension like the one he refused today as noone wants a default, and by that point a signing of the temp.. Extension shouldnt bring to much usd strenght as its not a full and final resolution. Thats what i hope plays out! Anyways check out the chart, im hoping its works out again, i already am long, but as i stated in my other post, i am expecting a retest of lower 97 in the future before the final move long.

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