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Have we got a resident Mark Carney expert at FXWW?

Any old Funds traders out there who’ve been following the career of Mark Carney closely? What can we expect from him, dovish or hawkish tendencies? Does he like to use aggressive policies or is he a typical conservative central banker?

I’m really not sure what direction Mr Carney comes from but I have a feeling the GBP is in for some really big moves and I think it will be higher. I know I’m in a significant minority but that makes me even more confident.

  1. Sean, I remember with the advent of Carney head of the Bank of Canada, the canadian dollar strengthened and strongly enough, although I certainly understand that this is a different economy England and Canada, but this was the trend then when Carney. I also buy a pound, 1.5352, 1.5228 and 1.5200 I bought a pound in the medium term. Yes lucky us! 🙂

    1. «Economist stands for tougher banking regulation. According to the Minister of Finance of great Britain, Carney has unique experience and is one of the best candidates for the post of the head of the Central Bank. The term head of the UK Central Bank will amount to 8 years, without extension»
      I remember since his arrival to the post of the head of the Bank of Canada 08, him (roughly) took one year and the canadian dollar strengthened significantly, and Canada like the first recover the beginning

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