GBP crosses

Have a pleasant weekend and good luck in the lottery

That’ll do me for the week, thanks for your company and hopefully we can pick a few more winners next week. I’m taking 2/3rds of my GBP/JPY longs off the table here at 127.00, a 140 pip gain isn’t to be sneezed at and if I do that every week I’d be a happy chappy 🙂 I missed an ‘easy’ short in AUD/USD on Tuesday when it broke below 1.0325 and couldn’t rally, but there are always plenty of missed opportunities, and ones that got away.

Have a great weekend and catch you on Monday++

  1. Cheers,i waited to get to -4pips and jumped out of my USD/JPY long i had established prior to BOJ,feeling alot beta now that i can be in charge of my trade during NFP’s.Tx for everything.

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