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Good to see The Guru has lost none of that magic touch

One of the best day-traders going around, and you can follow him on Twitter at https://twitter.com/fxww303 where you just missed an ‘easy’ 60 pip USD/JPY trade 🙂 Nothing easy about USD/JPY as we all well know! “The Knowledge” can also be followed on https://twitter.com/FXWW888 and he’s just reported that hedge funds are buying EUR/GBP (he knows it almost before they know it themselves 🙂 ).

You will need to apply for access as they are protected feeds and then simply send me your Twitter address via email and I’ll get them to permission you. Please be patient if it takes them a while to grant you access, these are very busy boys especially in last few days.

  1. He’s been a pro for 25 years and will adapt every day, even every hour and every trade due to conditions. Sometimes he might only look for 20, sometimes 100, but I’d guess ard 40 on average is close to mark

  2. Hi Sean I just found your site the other day and really like the work and your tweets. I would love to follow the 2 traders above. Cheers. leigh
    ps you need an extra server for your website. Very slow.

  3. Txs Leigh, yes v slow, new server on order. I will send you details later, but just find fxww888 and 303 on Twitter and request access. I’ll send them your details but mightn’t be ready til tomorrow if they’ve closed for day

  4. No worries Andrew, we will try sometime and get everyone lined up on one trade and really shift the market 🙂 That’s the day I’m looking forward to.

  5. Hi Sean,

    I’d also love to follow them both. Twitter: @sum_yi.
    I’m happy to have found your new blog – greatly missed you since your fxlive departure.

  6. GM Sean, tried yesterday already to klick FOLLOW fxww303 BUT since today nothing…… my twitter is: @tikolino2020 ….. thanks for adding me …. cheers

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