Good luck tonight

I’m switching off for the day otherwise my family will disown me completely. Good luck tonight, I have a feeling everything’s going to look different in 12 hours time++

  1. is there anyone offering cable near 30s? acbs were selling there yesterday. thinking of shorting gbpusd 1.6225 with first tp 1.6150

  2. I will tell you why!
    Its because i went short aud, nzd, and cashed out some of my profits….
    So we need to make a deal together sean, every trade i go in, u go against it. And then u share your profits 🙂

  3. An old boss once asked me why I sold when the market was going up. I couldn’t come up with a reasonable answer. He was a bureaucrat, not a trader.
    So if I make a good trade I keep the cash but if I stuff up, you will bail me out? Most kind Anas, I accept 🙂

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