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Gold: Big buyer in thin pre-Tokyo markets

Reuters are reporting that a big buyer emerged in very thin pre-Tokyo Gold futures markets and this is what caused the nasty spike higher. Silver has been an even bigger mover, up over 3% already and now through technical resistance at 21.00. Next resistance in Gold is at $1350.

  1. Hi Sean, are you still in the midst of sending out the details for joining the RM chatroom? I have sent you an email on this but have not received anything. Kindly advise. Thanks.

  2. Hi Ray. We’ve had a lot of Gremlins in the processes so far and Reuters are currently working them out. All who’ve applied will get an email from Reuters sometime this week, when they assure me all problems will be rectified. The chat-room is still in test mode so you’re not missing too much so far.

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