GFT shutting down US trading operation

One of the biggest retail brokers in the US, GFT, is reportedly shutting down its operations over there. This is undoubtedly a direct result of increased regulation by the NFA.

  1. Hi Sean, yeah I’ve been using GFT for about 4 years now and I am shocked for they just sent an email saying my account has been moved to a closed-only status with no warning or any heads up of this decision.

    now i have to go thru the grind of finding a reputable broker that serves US clients and hopefully know they’ll be around for few years! (any suggestions 🙂

  2. its not the low volatility, just the stupid NFA regulations. They want to baby sit traders which is silly. And given the American tendency to sue at the drop of a hot water cup, no broker would want to have American clients!

  3. Wow, I’m the customer of GFT and must say that something stinks here, I got short email that my money is frozen and nothing else!!! no wonder that there is less and less people investing, I’m left in a dark without any info about my money, supposedly good company like GFT acts like a bunch of crooks!

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