Getting it wrong, time to take a break

Hopefully nobody paid me much attention in my recent AUD and CAD trades as they were no good. I’ve now been stopped out of everything so I will take some time off and re-assess. I don’t necessarily agree with the argument that every trader must take a break after a losing run, but I don’t have a good feel at the moment so will step aside and perhaps wait for a few intraday opportunities.

It will be a big week for the GBP ahead of the Scottish referendum but it looks increasingly as if the ‘no to independence’ side has carried the day. The only thing we can be sure of with the GBP is that it will be whippy.

Have a great week.

  1. Hi SLee!

    I know, I saw you going against all the trades… You were anticipating what could happen (or not) at this pivotal point.. A$ .9000 and kiwi$ .8125
    If they break below that it is DOWNNNN…. ?¿Could it go to .8000 for the K$ and .85sh for A$ ?¿
    I believe all will depend on the Scottish vote if NO we will go back UPPP…
    But of course this is my Uneducated opinion 🙁

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