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GBP/CHF: Exiting at break-even; think timing is wrong

I think these are perfect markets for intraday swingers with 200 pips readily available on almost a daily basis if you can pick the right pairs and wait patiently for the correct opportunities. EUR/JPY looks to me like a classic ‘sell-rally’ proposition and if it’s going to turn lower then I’m best to stay out of GBP/CHF and in fact avoid ‘position trading’ completely and become a hit-and-run expert all over again.

  1. I have just read your “Asian market open” and you reply me in this report 😉 : “EUR/JPY is trying to form a topping formation in my view and I prefer to sell rallies back towards 130.00 now with a target at 125.00.”

  2. You basking in profits Papillon 🙂 Personally doubt very much if we see 131 again but you never know. Yes agree, selling rallies makes sense but most important thing is to be patient

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