GBP/CAD still market’s trade of choice

Morning all. The market’s aren’t getting any easier to read in my opinion and in cases like this it’s probably safest to stick with the prevailing trends.

The latest IMM data tells us what we all know already, the market is keen to buy GBP and sell CAD, AUD and JPY. No point in fighting these trends, wait for retracements and jump on board. EUR and USD sentiment remains neutral.

Can’t see any glaring trade opportunities at the moment so settle in and be patient. Have a great week.

  1. Any views on USD/CAD ? is it still ripe for a downside clean-out after the contradicting CPI and auto sales numbers… your views will be much appreciated

    off late your valuable updates to this blog seems to have drastically reduced. while the shift could be due to the new site development , players like me are looking for your views to assist with our half baked analysis 🙂

  2. Hi Mr Bean, love your work 🙂 Yes I have some other projects on the go, with the FXWW chat-room on Reuters Messenger and the new trade ideas website http://www.forextell.com/ but I will continue to post all my own thoughts and musings on here. Sorry if it’s been a bit slack but it will improve once all ‘admin’ is done. I will post full Loonie analysis shortly. Good luck++

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