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GBP set for rocky Monday opening after latest Scottish polls

We can forget about Fibos and fundamentals tomorrow morning, it will be all about positioning after the latest surprising poll results on Scottish independence.

Bloomberg is reporting the results of latest polls putting the “Yes” campaign for separation from Britain now at 51% .

I’d expect to see some heavy stops in cable below 1.6250/70 and that will be the first level to watch, with .8035 in EUR/GBP another important level.

  1. Hi SLee 🙂
    If the vote is YES for Independence… Will the GBP collapse?
    And if the EUR is also collapsing… You sell or buy the E/G ???
    Now… That is the question…! 🙂

  2. Another poll by Pollbase came out with a different result, 52% NO 48% YES. It seems that the media is “pushing” the other more sensational one though….in any case it’s a very close call at the moment and the market is not going to like the uncertainty for sure….

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