GBP crosses

GBP making fresh lows against EUR and USD

I’ve said it a few times in recent days and I’ll say it again, it’s never too late to sell sterling! EUR/GBP is up at .8550 and cable is making fresh lows below 1.5720. No point getting in the way of a bearish pound, that’s a costly lesson I learned many years ago.

My GBP/JPY short position is looking less irresponsible by the minute but I’m not out of trouble just yet.

  1. 1.5700 is often a key support level in history for cable. if fail again, then, drop to 1.5300/5200. No buy candle on daily. Usd is strong at moment, only euro is except. How long can euro to stand strong? a puzzle? No sell candle yet on daily.
    US debt woe may cause slow down of global eco, so, commodity face trouble. Commodity pairs got down trend?

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