FXWW/RM chat-room update

Thanks to all those who’ve applied for access to the new FXWW/Reuters Messenger chat-room which is now up and running. Existing Reuters customers can can easily gain access whilst non-customers will need to download special Reuters software, which I will provide.

The application process is taking slightly longer than expected but those who’ve applied already should receive an instructions email at some stage today. It is an IT matter, and as we know IT-time can be somewhat different to normal time, so please be patient 🙂

The highlights of the last two days were the rumour on UK PMI which proved to be 100% accurate (thanks John) and the reports of China selling USD/JPY yesterday afternoon (thanks 888), which also proved immediately profitable. All lowlights were provided by me 🙁

  1. how to logging your FXWW/RM chat-room Please tell me because I like your analysis

    and I also do refresh your web site to see new post and I followed your twitter but it not give real time update your news like your website therefor Please can you tell me another Mathord to see your new post in real time without refresh web site or twitter

    ex : I can see this news Cable: Back to the good old, wild old days in your web site but I can’t see this news in your twitter
    Now you can understand what I said

  2. Sorry Al, yes you are also on the list but we have had a lot of back-end problems with permissioning people. Once process is in place, it should work easily. Just a bit more patience please

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