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I divide those who wish to operate professionally in the FX market into 3 sections, traders, managers and strategists. I will go into the difference in much greater depth at a later stage but suffice it to say that the smallest group is that of great traders, of whom there are very few indeed, potential hedge fund managers are also pretty rare but there are a significant number of skilled strategists whose win/loss ratio is favourable and whose percentage of winning trades exceeds 50%.

There is a really big market out there for trade ideas. The retail market likes it simple; is it going up or down and where do I put my t/p and s/l orders? Profitability is of course the most important aspect but delivery of the ideas/strategies is also a very important factor and many of you have already exchanged ideas with me on this subject for which I’m very grateful.

I’ve also been working with some of the large portals and brokers to figure out things like price, presentation and delivery and I’m pretty comfortable that I now understand what the market is looking for in these regards.

The final matter is that of performance verification and this is where it gets very messy. None of the strategists that I’ve been able to find have fully audited track records and everybody has got a slightly different way of presenting themselves. This is a nightmare when it comes to verifying past performance, and even tracking live signals over a large numbers of potential strategists becomes very difficult.

In order for me to be able to recommend  any strategist to a portal or broker, I must be 100% confident that their track record is exactly as stated. Whilst it will not suit everyone, I have created a strategist program which will involve live tracking of signals via one system only. Perhaps in the future I will be able to expand this, but to begin with you must follow a set of simple steps or otherwise I cannot track and market your signals. I will be contacting those who’ve already declared an interest directly, and anyone else who is interested should just let me know.

For all those who are interested either as a participant in or as an end-user of the FXWW strategist program, please visit the ‘funds management’ category on a regular basis for updates or contact me directly.


  1. I watched market and heard various fx guru(strategist). Their forecast, trade idea, etc. get wrong in higher percent. Not many good one.

    You can set up a forward test forum or contest, ask any interest future strategist to publish their forecast, trade idea, trade set up in real-time.

    Then, we see who are the best strategists worth to following them.

  2. Jack1, I am already publishing my trades in real-time on my blog zenfxtrader.wordpress.com for the past 6 months. You can follow the trades to verify and also see the past record. For now it is free but I plan to start a paid subscription service soon.

  3. Hi, Sean,

    We all agree people trading FX is aim to make money, and in the end he/she need to take positions and trade. The thing with strategies is, the market is evolving, every day, every minutes, and I think strategy need adjustment also. Like your style, adjust positions accordingly. I think this is the right way for making money.

    Just my 2 cents



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