FXWW-Reuters chatroom

Batch 3 is about to be processed so if I’ve forgotten you or you’d like to apply for the free trial, now’s your chance. If you put your name in the thread last week then there is no need to do so again but if you didn’t, then please do so this time.

  1. Hi Sean,
    got the registration email, downloaded and installed the client, but can’t get to the chatroom. the link from the mail to join the chatroom does not work. can i manually search and add the chatroom? thanks!

  2. Hi Sumi, try this solution from another member
    “All good – if you receive any other queries from members similar to mine request them to right mouse click on Other Rooms in their Favorites, and then Add a Room which will then launch a new window named Room Directory. From there it is simply a matter of scrolling down until they see ‘fxww’ and click the Enter Room button.

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