FXWW Funding updates

Dear FXWW community,
I have recently accepted the role as Chief Strategy Provider for a London-based investment firm that specialises in the FX space.
The reason they sought me out for this role is because of my exposure to developing talent in the industry.
The reason I accepted is that I can now manage a large source of funding for the talent we have been sourcing over the last 5 years.
I will be managing this program under an FCA MDA license and selected traders will also have the ability to operate under this license, thereby enabling us to market these traders to institutional investors.
Furthermore, FXWW has partnered with PsyQuation to create the Qualifying Series for aspirational FX traders. Traders will not only qualify to become part of my managed trading teams, but will also be exposed to professional investors in the FX space via FXWW and PsyQuation as well as being fast tracked to most global trading jobs via the FXWW partnership with eFinancial Careers.
The successful FXWW partnership with eFC is now entering it’s 10th year and we are extremely excited to be partnering with the developers of the super-intelligent PsyQuation algorithm.
The formula for aspirational traders remains the same; establish both quantitative and qualitative profiles, create automated processes where possible, and start trading full time asap.
We have now created a viable, exciting career pathway for talented FX traders.
I hope those amongst you with such aspirations will enrol in the Qualifying Series or contact me directly with any questions.
Kind regards- Sean