FXWW Full Pro: For the very serious trader.

If you are an active trader turning over large amounts on a regular basis in the FX market then you may wish to bypass the usual FX-broker path and go direct to the interbank market. The obvious benefits are first-hand pricing as well as direct                                             access to superior research and information.

FXWW Full Pro is suitable for:

  • High-turnover active accounts;
  • Professional traders; and
  • Aspirational money managers.

If you meet this criteria and your business model would benefit from…

  • Direct interbank access and/or Prime Brokerage status;
  • Marketing, Promotional and Capital Introduction services;
  • Institutional research, Market-best news, and a community of peers.
…then FXWW Full Pro is the perfect solution to take you to the next level.
Additionally, aspiring money managers who will eventually want a Prime Brokerage relationship are well advised to establish an early association with one of the main market players.

You will become part of a network of like-minded professionals and it’s up to you how much interaction, if any, you want with your peers  on the trading and investment sides.

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