In conjunction with FX Renew, FXWW allows you to access the insights and actionable signals of FXWW’s own Sean Lee and FXWW888.

Sean has a track record spanning 27 years trading both for major global banks and in trading his own personal account.

FXWW888 has over 20 years institutional FX experience and is currently the principal trader and portfolio manager for a global hedge fund.

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Mastering Signals Lessons

Any experienced trader will tell you that the signal is only a small part of the equation. We understand this at a deep level, so in addition to the signals we provide you with the essential Mastering Signals Lessons.

This includes:

  • How to manage your trades with aplomb
  • How to be mistake free
  • How to achieve your objectives through position-sizing
  • How to utilize complex exits to trade what is in-front of you
  • How to manage your trading business like a hedge fund
  • How to be in the moment with the market by practicing daily tasks
  • How to structure your trading month
  • Forex technology and automation tips

Learn more about the Mastering Signals Lessons

Why Discretionary Forex Signals

As a trader, if you can master the art of effectively trading signals, you trading performance can be far superior to trading Forex on your own.

By retaining control of the objectives and position-sizing model, while outsourcing the entry to experienced traders with access to institutional connections and information, you have a combination that just can’t be matched.

Why has FXWW partnered with FX Renew

FX Renew Is co-owner by FXWW team member Sam Eder. Forex Signals require specialist technology and training to teach people how to effectively trade them, and FX Renew is well placed to do this, hence the partnership with FXWW.

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