JPY crosses/USD/JPY

FX market stays very quiet on Tokyo open

Dealers say that the trading platforms are gathering cobwebs this morning with little or no visible interest being shown by anybody. I would have expected to see some modest profit-taking in the Yen crosses out of Tokyo but no sign of that happening yet either.

  1. I think a low risk play is to short AUD/JPY at current levels and put a stop around 84.20 seeing 84.14 is a one month and six month high. Could see some sizeable sell orders clustered i’d fathom a guess from 84.10/15. Your thoughts? Given the recent rise in the yen pairs…

  2. look at the weekly downtrend line from 10/20/2007 has been hit 3 times. the third touch is at 84.14 so..that might be saying something. could also be forming a double top at 84.14 and the recent high of 84.06. something surely to consider.

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