FX market starting to feel “tradeable” again

I’m not overly sure how to define a “tradeable” market, but it’s a market which moves constantly and gives both sides plenty of chances; traders who are in form are able to take advantage of those chances whereas those who are struggling tend to mis-time their trades. It’s so much more fun this way, rather than trying to get it right all the time!

  1. Hi Sean,
    I shorted USD/JPY yesterday evening (European Time) at 80.35, but I expected a larger drop after Obama got re-elected. I took 50 % off near 80.00 with my stop now at breakeven. Do you have any targets in mind?

  2. Well done Milan, nicely traded. Not really any target, I want to see what happens first. Reports that Japanese retail accts were big buyers gives me even more confidence that it will break lower. I think 7925 is the big pivot; if it breaks clearly below there then I think we go lower until Christmas. If it breaks 8080 then I’m wrong and will look again

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