Why fund traders from retail FX space: CAML Global Markets.


Dear Trader,

Our 60-years+ of experience in the Financial Markets have taught us that we need to be prepared for constant change. Early in our careers, major movements in the FX market were usually driven by corporate flows. In subsequent years we have seen real money managers, banks, hedge funds, Quants and Algos enjoy long periods of dominance.

Anyone building a business in the FX space needs to be adaptable and flexible as these market conditions evolve.

At CAML Global Markets we are no different. We want to continue to grow our business and therefore we need to adapt as market conditions change.
What we have witnessed in recent years is the increasing importance of the retail market sector. Long ignored by traditional market players, total market turnover of close to 40% can no longer be disregarded.
This is why CAML-GM is keen to find trading talent from this non-traditional sector. Not only will we hopefully find sources of regular returns but as a business, it gives us a unique and invaluable insight into how 40% of the market is trading.
We are confident that we will find this talent in the upcoming series of Trader Challenges.
Kind regards- CAML-GM investment committee.