FOMC minutes fail to add clarity

  • The USD has made modest gains against the EUR and JPY over the last 24 hours and has made significant moves against the AUD and NZD;
  • This still looks like a cross-driven market to me with pairs like GBP/AUD making big moves higher;
  • Nevertheless, with EUR/USD close to interim highs and USD/JPY threatening a break-out, we could possibly enter a phase of strong USD;
  • AUD/USD close below .9000 is a bearish event, base-pickers like myself need to take a cold shower and reassess.
  1. Hi Szabi, must say I personally am not very bullish but if you’ve been following FXWW303 on Twitter, he’s been calling this move perfectly and he is quite bullish on USD/JPY. From charts, if 9900 breaks and takes us out of consolidation, then we could easily see 105 imho. Mkt wants to be bullish USD/JPY and really just needs a good reason

  2. Come on Sean , join the happy boat on long USD :D. USDJPY and USDCHF my favorites so far. And i don’t like how EURAUD looks right now , neither GBPUSD. A shorting attempt maybe ? Decent risk/reward in both…

  3. Don’t even worry about it , there will always be opportunities. Found out some time ago the golden rule : never ever , but really never trade what you don’t feel right , trust or understand. It will only end up in frustration.

  4. Hi Sean, I was patiently waiting for this USD move for the last 2 weeks. Shorting EUR, JPY, CHF and gold against USD. Time to move out of crosses for a short period?

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