FOMC: Active debate over efficacy of further QE

Whilst the majority of Fed members (and this includes Bernanke and his likely replacement Yellen) remain on the side of further QE there were also some interesting comments like “several participants questioned the effectiveness of current asset purchases or whether a continuation would be warranted”. Obviously there is still ongoing vigorous debate and further QE is probably not the foregone conclusion that many in the market had presumed (and priced in?).

  1. 3 march 2013 manila, ph

    economy in an intelligent view,

    “stimulus policy and data pointed to economic improvement”

    with high respect to the good chairman,
    i truly admire you sir. i just want to comment. i call this stimulus policy as “debt” improvement, and definitely not economic improvement. this is true and it is a fact. i want to say, putting more stimulus to the market, to the economy will generate more “debt”, and stopping today’s stimulus package will guarantee that the market is going to react. conclusion there will be no end to this burgeoning crisis. stopping it will take all of us to the 2008year crisis, and continuing it will also take all of us to the 2008year crisis. if only the u.s. government really solved, healed the year 2008 crisis, stimulus package will bring true-real growth. in chess this policies will only and exactly bring a stalemate meaning you did not win. i will not wait for a very long period of time to witness everything that i had written. sir, forgive me to say this is not the right way to solve this very huge, enormous economic crisis, but rather i would say this is definitely and precisely the wrong way. thanks’

    inviting you sir to my facebook account:


    sir please take care and God bless . . . . . . . raul

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