Focus will now turn to EUR/USD and Cable

The market has broken AUD/USD support and the lack of any strong bounce is a sign of the markets intentions. I’d expect the European market to now focus on EUR/USD and perhaps a push lower towards important support at 1.2745?

  1. I think the barrier option at 1.50 is a likely target given current USD strength and fading rallies towards 1.51 the best strategy for Cable currently. Might take out some weak buy stops above 1.5050 first, but 1.5080-1.51 should be decent resistance.

  2. Good evening Sean,

    I took back your posts since the last week for refreshing my thoughts after the break. I have concluded that we have this context :
    – EUR/USD : trading range [1.2800-1.3000]
    – EUR/GBP : neutral
    – EUR/CHF : play buy dips, near 1.2350
    – EUR/AUD : focus target at 1.3800, play buy dips, levels ??
    – EUR/JPY : Range [130.00-134.00]; It seems safer to play buy dips.
    – USD/JPY : play the edges [100-104]
    – USD/CHF : play buy dips, near .95. Bullish bias
    – AUD/USD : Bearish bias
    – GBP/USD : It looks safer to short GBP/USD than EUR/GBP

    I hope it could help me to find new trade ideas for this week ??

  3. You’ve summed me up in a few lines Papillon 🙂 Range trading USD/JPY makes a lot of sense as its plenty volatile and even though I don’t trade NZD/USD, I think it will be a buy somewhere quite soon. Not much help, but need to watch and wait for chance there I think

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