AUD,NZD/EUR/USD/Flows and Orders/GBP crosses/USD/JPY

Flows and orders updated

  • USD/JPY remains heavy with unconfirmed talk of heavy real money selling ahead of a Treasury redemption on Thursday; barrier protection ahead of 79.00:
  • EUR/JPY: Real money accounts selling alongside corporates and asset managers:
  • EUR/USD: Weighed down by EUR/JPY selling but very solid buying interest reported 1.2665 through 1.2650:
  • AUD/USD: Reserve managers still expected at 1.0350:
  • Cable: Solid bids 1.5850/60; barrier at 1.5800:
  • USD/CAD: Solid bids .9955/60; solid offers 1.0020.
  1. Just heard about a barrier at 2650 in EUR/USD and a DNT at 2600. Should be some effort to protect those, especially the one at the big fig.

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