Finally a very quiet Asian session; the EUR/AUD order might finally be done!

It was very quiet in Asia today and there was no sign of the local bank who’s recently been buying EUR/AUD in size, maybe he’s finally done or maybe he read my ‘dummy spit’ from yesterday 🙂 He’s probably finished! China was closed today as was half the regional Asian markets and that will have helped to keep things quiet.

  • AUD/USD took out short-term resistance at .9480 after improved consumer sentiment data but the bulls are reticent about going for more after recent beatings. I’m staying in the buy-big-dip camp.
  • USD/JPY edged higher after closing in NY near 96.20.

Now back to the 1500 emails……..

  1. What are your thoughts on an EURAUD entry? we’e back up the days highs at1.4112 coming into the start of Europe, thinking of Shorting up at 1.4220 around yesterdays high if it gets there, any thoughts? I think a tight stop goes without saying

  2. Yes I agree Keir, if buyer is done (and it smells that way) makes good sense to sell near there w tightish stop looking for 140 again? Don’t think it collapses back in straight line but surely a retracement is due

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