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We hope to go live on Monday and if anyone is experiencing any major problems in accessing any part of the site would they please login and register a comment. Much appreciated.

  1. Hi Sean,

    Finally i found you, last time you said you were going on a 2 months holiday for your wife to spend the profits…
    but you never came back to forexlive, not happy that you didnt inform anyone, but i am sure that wouldve been fxdd intensions, ah well your here now, and i am here.
    I need you advice on a specific trade please: GBP Sell @1.6075 with approx 10% of my balance i am still holding the trade hop[ing it could go back?

  2. Dear sean, this site some time blank…..what is this site have oportunity learn for New beginner..like me.
    can you tell me term n conditions became member you site….i respect you sharring trade idea

    Good luck

  3. Hi Paddy, glad you found me again despite my best efforts to stay hidden lol. I’ll send you an email with my thoughts on cable. Planning that this new blog will go live from Monday but in Asian time only to start with and we’ll see how popular it becomes.

  4. Hi Raka, we are only updating from time to time at moment until we go fully live. I think membership will be very valuable to you especially as a beginner and I’ll send you more info as the product becomes more developed

  5. its an awesome one. are you going to add a section for readers to post ideas and probably market ideas they get? also please as well add me on that cable email. thanks

  6. if rss feeds would be there, or email alert would be there, then we can get your valuable analysis timely. just said as a suggestion. just a huge fan of your work. 🙂

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