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Factors to watch for in early Asian trade

  • Do we see a continuation of the major flows out of emerging markets? In Asia, the INR and IDR have been particularly hard hit whilst overnight it was the BRL which took the brunt of repatriation selling.
  • What happens to the Nikkei? USD/JPY will take its lead from the equity markets.
  • RBA meeting minutes in 2 hours will add some short-term volatility but no lasting impact.
  • Closest ‘big level’ to watch is 88.65/70 in AUD/JPY.
  1. Hey Sean, as usual im All about the usd/jpy, any insight for today or do you think it will just range trade like the last few days? I personally cant see it going too high because of the Nikkei,cause im still bear for the Nikkei, it needs to go to 12500 once so the it can continue going up. But unfortunatly its having a tough time crossing below the 13400 mark so the next few days economic calander might just finally decide which direction we will go.

    Also Sean if you can explain futher on your comment regarding the usd/jpy possibly starting to take its lead from equity markets that would be appreciated, Cheers!

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