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EUR/USD: Risk-reward would seem to favour the (brave) bulls

I’m in a huge minority in the FX market in that I very seldom trade EUR/USD. I much prefer to trade the crosses and only really look at EUR/USD trade ideas if they are very clear-cut. I don’t see anything clear-cut about EUR/USD at the moment and I still think it’s in one big sideways range trade. I don’t see it near 1.15 anytime soon nor do I see it near 1.40 either. In my view, its fairly cheap near 1.25/1.27 and its expensive near 1.35/1.37.

The crosses at the moment are quite well supported; EUR/CHF has been on a bit of a bull move in recent sessions, EUR/GBP continually frustrates the bears, and even EUR/JPY has been quite resilient near 130. If the EUR/USD were about to crash then the crosses would be very heavy also IMHO.

There is strong technical support in EUR/USD near 1.2750 and if this holds through the FOMC, watch out then for a sharp rally back to mid-range levels near 1.31.

  1. I thought, I was the only member of that minority group. Glad to know I am not alone. I trade EUR/USD very seldom; but, trade the EUR crosses actively. Recently, I had a short EUR/USD (on someone else’s idea) and it did very well. I am out of this trade though as it hit the trailing stop.

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