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EUR/USD: Retail sentiment remains overwhelmingly bearish

I’m sorry to say this, but if the retail market gets heavily biased in one direction they are usually 100% wrong!

A good friend at one of the bigger retail brokers tells me that both actual and order positioning are heavily skewed towards the bears; in other words the retail market is short already and looking to sell more on rallies. Anybody else hearing the same thing?

  1. Hi, Sean.

    I faced mainly the same thing by Chickago open interest changes. Dealers are rising their long position all over the market during last three weeks, so it looks like dollar short position. Options for the EUR futures shows stable support on 27-28 figure, with intention to collect every stop above within new contract, starting next week. However these bullish signals seems to be rather uncertain in duration. At least now I could not say that the middle tirm rally is gonna start. My opinion that we should rather expect another leg of April growth. Than, positioning in new contract may show what’re the real plans there.

  2. I watched huge long contract of cable on CFTC,USA,before cable fell down from 1•6370。 Would somebody buy long on future,while sell on spot during building up phase?i often confused those future ,option 颇似题哦ns。

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