EUR/USD/Flows and Orders

EUR/USD: Quick stop-loss run above 1.2950

Quick spike above 1.2950 as stops get triggered then back to mid-range levels, usual rules apply. I’d expect to see a range trading session during European trade, with 1.2920/80 likely to contain.

  1. Good afternoon Sean,

    Since last week, you have mentioned in the cable that “option players totally dominating movements on either side.” Do you know their ranges (barrier, DNT, etc.) ? That could help me for my EUR/GBP position 😉

  2. Divine intervention is what you need Papillon 🙂
    Normally you can expect large orders to appear 50 pips neither side of the London open or at range edges, as long as vols remain so low. It’s usually not the case that they have exact same levels all the time

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