EUR/USD/Flows and Orders

EUR/USD orders: Should be toppy near 1.3160/75

When orders don’t get cancelled on a Friday night it’s usually a sign that the sellers are quite committed. Dealers from two major banks are telling pretty much the same story, namely that sellers are quite solid near 1.3160/75 so if you’re bearish and looking for a good entry level, this might well be the one?

  1. Morning Sean, happy new year to you. It’s good to be back.

    First trade of the year is buying EUR/USD, hoping close around 1.3150.

  2. Thanks Sean, all the best to you as well. I haven’t bought yet, waiting for it to come down a bit. It’s overbought at the moment. My system is indicating to me that on the 4 hour chart, it needs to come down by at least 50 pips before going back up again (based on the daily chart).

  3. Sean dunno where to type this but here I go..

    Did you look at gbp usd weekly up trendline ? i will take my chance if it touches 1.6020s

    Eur Usd im waiting in the weeds around 1.298 (50% from 1.266 to 1.3307) which also collides with weekly uptrend from 1.20s

  4. I see it Daniel, but hard to follow technicals in a pair that’s been going sideways for 2 1/2 years. Agree on direction though, after break above 163, outlook is overall bullish now imho so matter of finding good entry level

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