EUR crosses/EUR/USD

EUR/USD not showing much inclination to bounce

EUR/USD is hanging around 1.3030 and not showing much inclination to bounce. I think we’ve become so acclimatized to range trading markets over the last 6 months that it has become difficult to get onto trends if when they start.
Overall I still like the EUR especially on the crosses and if EUR CHF can follow the example of EUR/JPY then we should be looking for buying opportunities in EUR/USD.

  1. hy are exelent job.ideas and levels are incredible.past months you asking me Euro ggbp better support .7780 and mr market is .7970.but hit that heart these levels and return to 8225::now yours remarks for Usdjpn 87.60 also better support?and any shorts are taken place?

  2. Hi All,
    EW is very good but not always. I remember all elliott wavers forecast more rally to downside around mid november and mid december and whats happened? Sean which players bought eurusd in dec?

    1. > I agree, EW might be good for stock market, because there’s tendacy to go up, but in forex it’s trending like waves. We could be at same place after 20 years. Therefore, inside the range (inside the up wave or down wave) we can apply EW, by ignoring major waves.

  3. Hi All,
    Dont know where we will going but i try a long position around 1.3010 with stop 1.2980 if reversal happen this is a nice area and we could grab some hunder pips if not we loose only 30 🙂

  4. Hi Andras, prior to fiscal cliff deal there was lot of real money buying of EUR as safer-haven than Yen or USD. That probably dried up in short term but will re-intensify as next deadline begins to loom. Not too much Sovereign activity reported but ACBs still buyers as long as they are buying USD/AXY and then diversifying

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