EUR/USD/Flows and Orders

EUR/USD: Market aiming at stop-loss orders below 1.2870

Bit of an early push in the interbank market to trigger stops below 1.2870 but bids have returned in decent size near 1.2880, which was roughly the low on Friday.

I’ll be back a little later this morning.

  1. Good afternoon Sean,
    I bought the euro/$ at 1.2890 and looking to buy anything till a daily close below 1.2830/36/40. ( both these levels have a heavy confluence of technical levels according to me..too many to state here)

    Not sure how much upside is there.But these levels are definitely attractive.
    i did take losses on my previous euro long positions but the fall was definitely a bit over done.I might take partial profits at 1.30 and see how things go on from there.
    How do you see things. thanx in advance.

  2. Nice Rahul, that does look like a nice risk-reward trade. Personally I’d be trading 50 pip rallies rather than 100, as I think we will get plenty of small moves; so maybe book P at 12950 and then reload 12910/15 etc…

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