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EUR/USD: Macro fund sold heavily above 1.2980 causing domino-effect selling

One of the bigger macro funds hit all of the major electronic platforms at once, causing the steep fall in EUR/USD earlier. The amounts were large, but not enormous, suggesting that there was a sort of domino effect into some of the crosses and causing the steep 70 pip fall in EUR/USD.

Funny how sometimes liquidity is unlimited yet at other times a ‘normal’ market amount can cause big moves. These are certainly unpleasant markets to be trading in.

  1. GDI, these guys are not very serious: please ask them not to forget posting here prior to starting their mega-trades 😉

    Sean, do you have any idea on the size of liquidity they had to pour to create such a massive move? Is it move than 10 billion?

  2. That’s the ultimate plan Iridium, whether we get there or not?? No I doubt it, much less than that, I think the mkt just hit an air-pocket and dropped as sometimes happens

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