EUR/USD/Technical Analysis

EUR/USD: Looking bit toppy on medium term charts

Looks like the break below 1.3000 has changed the medium-term outlook for EUR/USD and with an imperfect topping formation on the 4-hour chart (see members), risk-reward would also seem to be in the bears favour.

I’m sure that any short-term rallies back towards 1.3030 will attract plenty of willing sellers.

  1. Hi Sean, are u a seller here? or waiting for .3030 – .3050? but what about this will not happent? shall we sell under .3000? thanks

  2. No Cozmin, I’m long usdchf which is more or less same idea. If yu are long term player then yes sell here but intraday n swing traders must wait for test 3030 I think even if it means missing trade

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