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EUR/USD keeps on grinding higher but be wary of big bullish spike

If you are bullish EUR/USD then you are in a definite minority. The EUR was supposed to have died years ago but obviously these obituaries were a bit premature and here we still are 5 years later, fluctuating between 1.30/1.40. I cannot think of one good reason to trade this pair so I leave it alone.

The path of least resistance is up, with structural flows all favouring the EUR and only speculators to try and keep a lid on it. One of these days we will get a wild 500 pip gap higher when all the bears are culled, and then it will be back to sideways trading again. Buy-big-dips is way to play this pair IMHO, if you must, but there are much better pickings elsewhere.

  1. Sean, Good afternoon/evening to You ALL !! I enjoy EVERYTHING (most everything as I gave up trading Aussie/Kiwi when it was soooo aggressively sold off}. I recall being taken out in September 2010 by the BOJ Intervention ie, 300 Pip Spike. Have the European Union ever “enjoyed” the 500 point spike you speak of here in your article ?? Thanks for all your commentary . . .

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