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EUR/USD: Interbank market turning bearish

It seems to me that the market always wants to be bearish EUR/USD, perhaps with very good reason, and everyone I spoke with today in the interbank/hedge fund space was bearish. Heavy sell orders are reported towards 1.3280 and 1 dealer even went so far as to say that he could see Zero possibility of the pair trading above 1.3300 any-time today! Big call, must be going up 🙂

Sorry, I’ve got no strong ideas but my default position would be to buy any big dips of around 150/200 pips.

  1. Yeah makes sense Papillon. Another possible trade to watch is EUR/AUD? If EUR/USD resistance holds and AUD/USD breaks above .9260 and holds up there, then sell EUR/AUD with s/l above 14400? Just a thought but maybe you are indeed better off with straight EUR/USD trade, less complicated. Off soon, have a great w/e

  2. Hi Siva, H&S are major reversal patterns which happen at major highs and lows, not in the middle of a medium term range. Just my opinion but good luck anyways.

    1. Hi, Sean! If you look at the monthly chart of the pair EUR/USD, you can see the December hi 2004 and then the January fall, then the picture Siva on the Euro, approximately district 1.1776 matches. Well and if objectively there are no reasons for growth of the Euro, I mean the fundamental reasons, at least to me such reasons are not known for the future. There is another idea that in the area of 90, turn around AUD, then will be a reversal in EUR/AUD, respectively, and the Euro will be under pressure in the cross, the same thoughts and NZD, around 75 spread against the USD and the reversal of the cross against the Euro. Also watch for sale for EUR/GBP. All these crosses are not given a reason to think about the growth of the Euro in the medium term and in the long also. Therefore, consider the Euro against the us dollar only from the sales. What are your thoughts on this, Sean? Good luck to you, Sean!

  3. Overall I agree Serga, EUR/AUD should move back towards 135ish I think and I’m also bearish EURGBP but getting timing right is tricky. But EUR/USD will tend to trade sideways imho while cross moves will come from AUD and GBP legs I think.

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