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EUR/USD: If there’s any such thing as a ‘safe’ trade…..

Well there isn’t but with the giant panda reportedly defending a double-no-touch structure it seems prudent to be short above 1.3350 with an obvious stop above 1.3400 and a target at 1.3050.

  1. Already went short on it Sean , looking at DXY i see some major weekly support lurking ( trendline, lower BB, momentum) , so a reversal in USD is on the cards for me. Haven’t really figured how this will impact my Aud reversal theory. Any thoughts ?

  2. Went short on it Sean , looking at some major weekly support for DXY. Don’t know yet how will this impact AUD and the incoming reversal i expect. Any thoughts ?

  3. Hey Drive, not feeling partic sure about anythg at moment I’m afraid. With so much flow going through the crosses it really upsets normal mkt rhythms. Still think AUD/USD is chance of seeing 9250 but had thought that we would see small rally to 98 first; now not so sure. 9430/9630 range for now but bearish bias still dominant

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