EUR/USD/Flows and Orders

EUR/USD: Hit again by late liquidation

Dealers say the latest drop is attributable to more long liquidation ahead of the weekend in fairly thin markets. There have been no reports of any actual ACB buying as of yet and with Europe still not up and running, liquidity is quite poor.

First reports of solid buying interest is at 1.2865/70.

  1. sorry, meant that, there were reports of sovereign bids yesterday there at 1.29000, if there are no reports of sovereign buying yet, means bids shifted?

  2. Big boyz’ bids come and go
    Little kids get kicked every day or so

    If EURUSD goes in the coming 15-30 minute, it would be a compelling scalp!

  3. there were reports of sovereign buy orders below 1.29000 and judging by the small bounce, chances are high that they were still there, right?

  4. Certainly looks that way Maji, but I have no confirmation as yet who was main buyers/sellers. Sounds like large number of smallish stops were triggered amid very poor liquidity.

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